Nutrition & Detox

Here at Kinesis Healthcare, proper nutrition is a passion. We encourage a healthy relationship with food — one that uses whole foods for nourishing, healing, and replenishing.
We believe in healthy eating.  Period. 
 We are NOT into fads, gimmicks, yo-yo dieting, calorie-counting or quick fixes… So if you are looking for any of those things, we may not be for you.
If, on the other hand, you are interested in learning healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable eating habits for a lifetime of health and vitality, we are here to help.
To that end, we offer classes and detox and weight loss programs that are designed to ease you into permanent and lasting lifestyle changes.

 Our classes include the following:
Shop with the Doc — Join us for a shopping tutorial at our local Trader Joe’s.  Walk through the aisles with one of our doctors to learn how to read labels and make healthy choices.  A handout will help educate on Dos and Don’ts when shopping, and a small group setting ensures personalized attention and plenty of opportunity to ask questions.  A maximum of 8 people per class.
Workshop on Wellness — An introductory class open to all.  Offered at least once per month.  Topics covered include pure water choices, healthy eating, aerobic exercise, and handouts on GM (genetically modified) foods and nutritious recipes and guideline to eating out.
Dispelling Myths About Nutrition — There is a lot of mis-information out there.  Learn the role that politics, corporations, and lobbying have played and continue to play in our mainstream perceptions of what is “healthy” to eat.  And learn to see past those biased influences to make timeless, common sense choices that will protect the health and well-being of you and your entire family.
Is Your Food Your Problem — An introduction to food sensitivities.  Learn the difference between a food allergy and a food sensitivity.  Learn to spot the warning symptoms and learn about the types of diagnostic tests available to you.  Undiagnosed food sensitivities may be significantly bringing down your quality of life.                             The Startling Truth About Your Vitamins – All vitamins are NOT created equal.  Poor standards in processing and regulation mean that quality varies wildly from brand to brand.  Learn which brands are more reliable and learn how to read vitamin labels to determine whether they are safe for long-term use and whether they are synthetic or whole-food based.
Natural Solutions to Female Hormone Problems — Hormone imbalances may contribute to menstrual symptoms, mood swings, weight gain, increased risk of certain cancers, and brain fog.  Learn what types of diagnostic tests are available and learn some of the foods all women must avoid for optimal health.
 We also offer two structured programs for more comprehensive support and guidance by one of our doctors. These include:
21 Day Purification Program — a comprehensive food and shopping guide for a 3 week detoxification program.  Includes check-ups with one of our doctors as well as supplements and ingredients for protein shakes for the entire 3 weeks.
Weight Loss Package — This includes a comprehensive exam to determine any underlying causes of weight gain, a 21 Day Purification Program, food sensitivity testing, weekly physician feedback and guidance on your diet journal and customized exercise plan, and 4 acupuncture treatments for weight loss.***Please call our office for dates and more information about any of the classes or programs mentioned here.  Attendance is limited, so you will need to reserve seats in advance of the event.  We look forward to seeing you at a class soon!***