Lab Testing

In some cases lab testing can help with diagnosis and allow us to gain a more detailed understanding of the problem.  Getting a baseline also helps us track improvements and measure just how effective a given therapy has been.

These tests are not recommended in all cases, but for some of our patients we use some of the following:

Blood Tests – We partner with LabCorp to offer standard blood and urine testing at any of the convenient LabCorp locations.  Because there is no one industry standard of normal (each lab has their own “normal” reference ranges), we like to compare results against Functional Lab ranges.  Rather than only looking for disease, this allows us to look for optimal function.  A quick turnaround time makes it easier to customize treatment to address any imbalances uncovered.

Fatty Acid Profile – Excessive inflammation is extremely common in the U.S. and is in part the result of poor dietary choices. This test measures the levels of pro versus anti-inflammatory fatty acids in the bloodstream to see if there is an imbalance. Correcting such imbalances can be extremely important for eliminating unwanted inflammation and pain, assisting healing, and protecting heart health.

Salivary Testing – This is a very convenient, noninvasive method of gathering information in the comfort of your own home. Available test panels include the Adrenal Stress Index, Female Hormone Panels, Bone Health Panel, and many more.

Imaging Studies – This includes Radiographs (X-rays), MRIs, Ultrasound, and Thermography. If we feel these are necessary, we can refer you to a local specialist.