Acupuncture is an ancient system of energy healing stemming from China. Its principal goal is to use strategic points on the body to redirect and rebalance the body’s energy flow, or Qi.
Acupuncture offers drug-free, surgery-free, natural care with proven clinical results.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed over 300 health conditions that can be effectively treated with Acupuncture.
In fact, more people in the world use Oriental Medicine for health care than any other type of medical care.
Acupuncture uses ultra-fine needles to minimize discomfort; these are sterile and disposable.  However, we understand that some people find needles stressful, which is why we also offer Acupressure as an effective alternative to traditional needling.

Acupuncture can treat many conditions, including:
• Arthritis                              • Headache
• Chronic pain                      • Back pain
• Colds & Flu                        • Bronchitis
• Asthma                               • High blood pressure
• Allergies                             • Sinus infection
• PMS                                    • Infertility
• Menopause                        • Depression                                             • Insomnia                            • Stress
• Stroke                                  • Addictions
• Weight gain


Dr. Margarite Melikian has her Masters degree in Acupuncture.  Unlike many other doctors who practice actupuncture after taking only a few weekend seminars, Dr. Melikian has invested an additional 3 years of full-time academic and clinical training to earn this degree.  Schedule a consultation with this Glen Ellyn acupuncturist today to learn more.