Kinesis Healthcare is Now in Atlanta!

We offer holistic medicine for the whole family.
    Our passion is helping people get well and stay well with natural, non-invasive medicine.  At Kinesis Healthcare, we treat the person, not just the symptoms.  We find the underlying cause(s) of your problem for more lasting and effective results.
Our services include chiropractic, nutrition, acupuncture and acupressure, mind-body techniques, herbal supplements, and homeopathy.

Quality care tailored to your unique needs:
    We pride ourselves on being different… There are two main things that set us apart.  First, our patients are our main focus.  Because quality can’t be rushed, we invest more one-on-one time in our visits.
Second, we tailor treatments to each individual.  Being able to determine the optimal type(s) of treatment is key to providing the most effective and comprehensive care possible.  See Applied Kinesiology for more details on how we are able to do this.
Our commitment to you and our ability to effectively tailor treatments is the reason we get great results.  our visits may take a little longer, but investing a little time up front allows us to get better results in fewer visits.